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Pre-assessment. What to expect?

Mam to 3
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Hi all. I’m due to have my pre-assessment on Monday and wonder what to expect?

I’ve already met my oncologist so know the type of chemo I’m having and have signed the consent forms. I’ve had my height and weight taken and I have the date for my first treatment which is this coming Wednesday. I mentioned to the oncologist that my veins are bad and we briefly discussed a pic line or port, so I assume I’ll discuss that again on Monday but what else happens? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Mam of 3. A pre op assessment is a fairly straightforward health check to see if you are fit enough for treatment. They take your blood pressure, check your heart on a monitor, listen to your chest , take a blood sample and ask lots of health questions. I had a PICC line for a different cancer and had no problems with it. It did away with all the numerous needles. Wishing you well with treatment. Best wishes.

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What is a Community Champion ?

Mam to 3
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Thanks Rily x