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1st chemo

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Hey guys 

I had my first chemo yesterday and have been really ill since. Didn't stop throwing up all night and sitting on the toilet, been super dizzy with hot sweats and haven't slept at all, on top of that my jaw has started hurting!! 

Any suggestions?

Thank you x

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first call has to be to your medical unit, they will have your notes and advice on what you've been given so far

I was lucky my anti sickness meds worked but I still had to get up 3 or 4 times with diarrhea

and your jaw is probably hurting from the throwing up

other than that, make sure you stay hydrated, sip water and we love ice lollies in this house, Del Monte Fruitini have real fruit juice so a bit better.  99p for a box of 6 from usual supermarkets.  I ought to be on commission !

and don't forget to take your temp.  Did they give you a chemo card, some hospitals have them, it has advice on what to do and when to go to A&E.  I only had one day where I felt it might be bad enough so I called first to let them know I might be coming in but I didn't need to in the end.

what pain meds did they give you?  anything with codeine in helps with a squitty bot but then you need to keep on top of the constipation

how does that lot sound ?

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Hi Carolyn 

The ice lollies sound like a good idea!! Yeh I'm gonna give my nurse a call and see if they can up my anti sickness as I'm still just gagging without throwing up! Iv been drinking plenty of water and even kept some soup down now.

I have IBS so it doesn't help, try to avoid painkillers as it makes it worse. I didn't get prescribed any just the anti sickness and kidney protection etc. 

Thanks x