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Fec T

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Hi I'm new to this group.  I had a mastectomy in may with removal of my primary lymph nodes.  I have to have 3 doses of FEC and 3 of T.  I've had my 3 FEC and am experiencing dreadful indigestion.  I got a prescription from my GP for Lansoprazole but that's not really helping much, can anyone help at all as I find this terribly distressing.  Thanks  

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welcome to the online community I'm sorry you had to come and find us

I can see you have also found the August chemo club, that's a good place to compare notes

Indigestion to me is a hard lump of food that just won't go down, I'm not sure if this is how you'd describe what you're experiencing, I know my daughter and I have different symptoms but we both describe it as indigestion.

I'm going to say eat tiny mouthfuls and take a lot longer eating and I know that's not very practical and I'm the worlds slowest eater so it's easier for me but you are going to need to try a few different things to see what works. 

I knew I needed to eat fruit but I just couldn't face eating apples so I chopped one up into my porridge and it was actually really nice. So I experimented with porridge, I added the chopped up apple, then some nuts and seeds, some honey, a bit of grated ginger (when I remembered to buy it) some flax seed, which I only just discovered it quite good for you, and , because I was feeling sorry for myself, a dollop of cream.

But you can add anything you have or fancy eating, I really would give it a go.  I wasn't a massive porridge fan before and I don't really eat it much now but it was a bit of a life saver. 

let me know how you get on




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Thanks Carolyn, I appreciate the advice.  My indigestion is like a lump in the middle of my chest that erupts constantly and is very distressing.  I will try and eat slower and take your advice about porridge.  Thanks again