Food cravings OMG


I had read on here in various posts about food cravings and thought well if it happens ok, OMG can't believe it all I think about is food lol.

My first week in hospital was ok I eat normal and had no real cravings until Thursday when I started wanting a chippy tea lol fish and chips or a good old kebab, my wonderful wife Angie laughed and said well you can't have them for a while which is ok, THEN Friday at dinner time they only had fish and chips on the menu well I snapped it up and OMG it was good!!!!!

Now at home I keep thing of meats like sausages, bacon,chicken,steaks KEBABS its very weird also food ideas keep popping in my head like fry bentos tinned pies etc.

I have had some mild nausea and have found that eating certain foods took the feeling away weather it be a packet of crisps or my now favorate fruit n nut which my wife brought home the other day god it tastes so dam good lol

I said to Angie that after my treatment is over I am going to have a Kebab night a little treat for myself lol We are having steak on Monday as it is my wife's birthday and have been told ALL meat for me as to be well cooked which is ok.

So do others here find the food cravings part n parcel of being on chemo and will it pass or ease up eventually? last nights craving was Parkin cake OMG lol


  • Hi Darryl,

    I didn't have cravings for any particular food, but I did start eating a lot more. I lost a lot of weight on my run up to bladder cancer, but treatment gave me my appetite back and I put the weight back on. I did eat a lot of spicy foods because I couldn't taste most foods. I still like a good vindaloo. Enjoy your kebabs, but keep an eye on the scales. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Darryl,

    Although my mum is always quite nauseous during her first week following chemo, her appetite has remained quite good - although she eats only small amounts during the days she's feeling a bit yucky - but once the nausea has worn off, she says all she does is think about food!!! Even waking up in the night, craving a soft boiled egg or a chinese takeaway (its quite often foods that she's advised to avoid). Shes always been one to 'watch her weight' but she's found a new love of double cream in her porridge, thick choc chunk shortbread - and most definitely eats more now than she ever has, but luckily for her, her weight has remained consistant (so far) during her treatment. She blames the steroids for her increased appetite!! I think you're the lucky ones, if you have an appetite and are managing to eat - make the most of it :-)

    Gail x

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  • Haha me too! Seem to crave rubbish food. Macdonalds , croissants, chocolate. My appetite is good. I didn't expect it to be. Only done round 1 chemo so far. I am gonna try and eat healthier now tho because I don't want to put weight on. 

  • My husband had all sorts of cravings when on chemo ... Chinese takeaway curry was the first, then fish fingers and then sausage rolls!  All really healthy!! Lol


  • Hi Darryl, I have the same issue, food craving I found myself having my lunch for breakfast, I used to be very careful with what I eat, but I have eaten chocolates, Ice cream, fish & chips, homemade doughnuts. One evening I just wanted to be somewhere else rather than being at home because what I was this about was food, food all the time, Crisps for breakfast come on so you are not alone, being on chemo are difficulty times and emotional one too. eat what you are craving for this is my motto, there is a downside of this though, I have put on 2 stone since November I am gutted and I fear that I may not be able to loose weight. Now I have finished chemo sessions, I am hoping that the craving will soon go. m

  • I had awful cravings during my chemo. I was in hospital once for 13 weejs and I craved everything under the sun. It went from salad to cream eggs to anything pickled onion to wispa gold bars, basically all the rubbish I couldnt get for myself while in hospital.

    I put over a stone on in 4 weeks, I blame the massive amounts of steroids I was on and being confinded to a tiny ward because I was neutropenic.

    Still have not shifted that stone......even though chemo and steroids are finished! 

  • I wanted crisps, biscuits and Kentucky. So weird as I'm normally totally against junk food. I think it's the steroids rather than the chemo. I put on 2 stone. Now finished chemo 6 months ago and still got a stone to lose. I've never had to try and lose weight before so it's been really hard work. 

  • Hello to all,

    Some others then having cravings lol yes its weird thanks for all your posts, my cravings are still here settled a little and I went for a check up with my Doctor at Christie yesterday and my weight as dropped a little he wasn't to concerned but I know at some point I will put some back so need to try and back off the goodies a little lol.

    Not had any takeaways as been advised not to by the nurses ect  but could murder a Kebab and will after treatment a special treat!

    Now where did I put that fruit n nut bar!!!!!!!


  • I know that this thread is very old oh, but I am currently going through chemo and had crazy cravings and I found this group. I am so glad I did because I thought I was going crazy with the cravings and me eating so much. My absolute go to and I could eat so much of it is ice cream and also fresh fruit. I hope all is well with everybody reading this. 

  • Hi

    Warm welcome to the Mac Community.

    What with taste changes and some of the steroids they give you during chemo anything goes with crazy cravings Ice cream Pineapple Hugging

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    Hope this is of some help and that the chemo is being kind to you.

    G n' J