Chemo to start in 2 days (2nd June)

Hi all you wonderful people!

My chemo is due to start in 2 days time on 2nd July.  I will be having CAPOX.  Bloods and Covid test taken yesterday, I'll be having treatment at a Covid free site, hence the test.

Having read through quite a few other threads on here have ordered some udderly cream with urea, incase I get the red, burning, peeling skin on hand's & feet. If I'm lucky enough not to experience this then can let the chemo department have it to pass onto someone else in need.  (It may save them waiting a day or two for delivery).

As expected feeling a little anxious, but pleased that chemo is starting. Becoming more and more symptomatic with my Rectal Cancer T4 N2b MX stage 4 - locally advanced with liver metastases and potentially resectanle lung. (More info in my profile).

Not sure what to expect on the day my treatment starts???what will be will be.  Been taking things one day at a time and will try to continue this attitude during treatment.

Sending lots of strength, huge hugs and my very best wishes to all, whether going through treatment at the minute or not.