I have stage 3c melonoma ,

I’m having a scan in two weeks before starting Pembro treatment. I am so scared. I didn’t think I was having any treatment . Can any one help me to calm down and stop crying. My world has turned upside down . Thanks 

  • Hi Loz S 12, I’m a metastatic melanoma patient on Pembro I’ve got a scan on Friday to check it’s working. I am sorry your feeling scared at the moment. It’s very natural when starting something new. Sometimes there is a right time to have a cry to get all the emotions out to then start again as the positive you. Today is the anniversary of the biopsy to my lymph node 5 years ago that gave me my diagnosis. 

    I have found in those 5 years times I needed to work out what the heck emotion I was feeling and why, sometimes it took a bit of time before I could put my concerns into words, I just needed to feel the tears before I could start to be positive again, most of the time it helps  me just to write it down what I’m concerned about. So I suppose I’m inviting you to do the same and I’m here to listen but if there is any of my experience that you think might help then just ask away either here or in the melanoma group. I’ll put the link below as you I am sure will get other melanoma patients in the group commenting over there.


    I hope I can help you stop crying and get the positive you back.


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  • Thanks KT I really appreciate your reply xx 

    Loz S12