Spring on the way

Hi all

Well, seems like the very cold weather has trotted off into the distance. Yes there was a frost in many places last night but the mercury has risen and there's some bright sunshine here in Northern Ireland. Lovely to see. I was a keen gardener before my back problem erupted, throwing me firmly into a wheelchair. So it's going to be harder now, no more standing on a garden fork and turning the soil over. It'll probably be pots and troughs and raised beds with wide paths. 

However, with a terminal diagnosis hanging over my head like an axe, I find now that there's more resolve to tackle the problem. Anyone else have the same thought? I need something to be involved with so that the illness takes a back seat for a while. I love spring, watching the small green shoots popping up everywhere. I am happier when I see loads of daffodils dancing in the wind. Seem to recall someone else saying something like that.....

Take care everyone and try to lift the cloud of gloom for a while. Speak soon.

  • I love a bit of sunshine.  I awoke this morning and could see the sun shining brightly through the blinds so I peeped out and saw - DUN DUN DUNNNNN - it was reflecting off the snow!!  That has mostly melted now (mid afternoon) so a few flowers are visible.  Lots of luck with your gardening, and with your health.

  • Hi Little Runner 

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish the same to you. I hope you are well, however I don't know your history. 

    I'm sitting up in bed looking out the window and what I can see is the blueist of blue skies meeting a green field wherein little lambs are either feeding from their mothers or frolicking. There's also, in the  shade of the hedgerow, an ever diminishing blanket of frost - a reminder of the below zero coldness of the previous night. 

    It's the sort of image that's enticing me to get up and out. I had a surprisingly good night, not free from pain, but not bad. I hope you had something of the same Little Runner. Thanks again for the kind words. 

  • I am well thanks.  My story is one of recovery, I had my cancer surgically removed last year and am now building up my strength and activity.  Sounds like you have a nice countryside view there.  I don't have a garden but I live by a park and at the moment have a view over a lawn full of crocuses.  I am glad of the improving weather as I have been doggedly getting out and about through the winter in order to rebuild my stamina.  It is going to be a lot nicer doing that without the sleet and hail.