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I'm not receiving notifications from threads that I'm involved in, particularly threads in "living with incurable cancer". Why ? I thought no one was chatting until I discovered when I investigated.  

  • Hello hope58. This is across the whole site as far as I can see. It happens now and again because of tech problems. When they get the server up and running again it usually takes a while for the backlog to filter through. Best wishes.

  • Hi ,

    I'm sorry you haven't been getting notifications - this is due to a technical bug and we have already made changes to fix it today, however it may still take some time for your emails to come through.

    Please accept our apologies, I understand this is really frustrating and we hope to have it running ASAP.

    Best wishes,


    Macmillan Community Team

  • How about the admin team put out a notice to all groups that there is a problem so that members receive news of what's happening or rather what's not happening. Information is key to a trusting and caring communication from admin. If there's a problem, air it please to all. 

  • May I also add that if the members are informed that there is a problem and asked not to post for a while then when the problem is solved and the server restarted then it won't take as long to get up to speed. Oh and don't forget to inform the members that it's working again! 

  • The problem is, unless they log in, they won't get the notification!

  • Hi mistymoley

    Ooops, missed your post mistymoley. That's why I say that admin puts a message for all to say the problem's been sorted. So if you log in, you see the message to carry on as normal. There should be a relatively simple method of informing every group, i.e. by writing it into the computer program. I've done computer programming in the past so I have an insight into that kind of thing. 

  • Hi, 

    I too have never received a notification from the MacMillan site despite being signed up for several groups.

  • Hey there Anon,

    If you report it to the Admin team on the community email address, and also send in a feedback form - then they might look into trying to fix it for you.



  • Hi Anon

    i also don't receive any notifications even though I used to. They all stopped when they updated the site.