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Move More - talk about being active

Michael - Macmillan

Move MoreAs part of Macmillan's Move More campaign we're talking about being active. If you're following the Move More programme then please let us know how you're getting on.

Here are some useful links:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle - leaflets and downloads from Be.Macmillan

The benefits of being active

Here's a link to download your free Move More pack - A guide to becoming more active with ongoing digital support.

Michael - Macmillan

Just popping by to edit the above post to add a link to our free Move More pack.

And here is a section from the latest Move More email:

Once you’ve started, you’ll probably find that being active becomes an enjoyable part of the way you live.

Many people notice the benefits quickly. You’ll feel less tired, less stressed and have more confidence. Noticing these changes and knowing the benefits to your health can keep you going, even on days when it’s hard to feel motivated. If you’re struggling, don’t be hard on yourself. Just remind yourself of all the benefits and get started again.

If you’ve been using the activity diary, turn back to the start. Is there a difference in what you can do now, in comparison with what you could do then? Do you notice any changes, particularly in how you feel?

Michael - Macmillan