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To those lovely people who may know me

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Well..last year was quite something...everything that as a family we went through was really
tough going and just when you think that things will be okay...they are not.
We got through diagnosis cancer and operations but we find ourselves in a difficult position
in the scheme of things it may appear nothing to those who have harder battles to fight
But we are in letted property ...we only moved in 12 months ago on the condition it was longterm
the landlord is selling..and I just do not know where we are going to go or what we will do
I go back to the hospital tomorrow to see the thorasic doctor about the lump on my lung
my state of health is shocking due to all the stress i'm on meds for blood pressure depression
and i can't no matter how much insulin that i give myself ..get my diabetes under control
The landlord is demanding and i will eventually lose the lifeline in the
way of internet friends thats kept me going for the past months...
I hope i get the chance to say goodbye to those who have offered me kind words and support
its meant so much for someone to be there..and this is what this site is all about
I want to extend my good wishes to everyone with their battles with cancer or whatever they maybe
we are a hard working normal family...and i just wish things were different. ...janet
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so sorry to hear your news on top of having to go to the hospital tomorrow.

Thats horrendous and stressfull when you dont need it. I havnt any advice i can give you on the housing situation, its so frustrating!

All i can say is I will be thinking about you and this is the first place i will come to and see whats happening. So sorry i cant help you

support to you

Take care

Love Anne xxxx

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janet i always thought possession was 9/10ths of the law, fight back, failing that is there not someone you can go to for help with housing in your situaton, easy for me to say i know but surely there is someome, god i hope so xxx
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thank you both annie and biddy for thinking about me..lovely you are so kind, no i am sad to say there is no where to go my mum is frail and my brother looks after now..but there just is not the room..and father in law who never stays in his house will not help either.
your kind words are what i shall miss...will post for as long as n hugs to you janet xxxx
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Luv and hugs also back to you ((((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))
good luck
love ann xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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thank you...will never forget you n hugs janet
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Dear Janet. Missing you already. Hope all goes well for you. I just know it will. Don't let events outside your control get you down. Fight the battles you can win. All the best charles
Maid Marion
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Janet ---- in my thoughts for todday -- best wishes and good luck
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HI Survivor, old and grey and Maid marion...thank you very much for your kind words and thoughts and I hope you keep up with all the good work that you folks do on this site, helping and supporting eachother and being there for eachother ..i know i will never forget anyones kindness on this site you will stay in my heart always janet xxx
just a girl
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hi karmal..
i don't think we've ever spoken so sorry for interrupting like this on your thread...I'm so sorry to hear of your housing their no way of maybe seeing a social worker and explaining the situation regarding your health ? maybe you might have some sort of priotrity ? Or maybe A citizen's advice office ?
I'm sorry that i don't know more about it...housing should not be a problem in developped countries in this day and age..but sadly it seems it is..
good luckx