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Alternative therapies. Has anyone looked at personal diary of breast cancer patient?

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I am not promoting alternative therapies. I think they work for some people and not for others, so I am open minded. Unfortunately, they haven't worked for my husband, but then he did carry on smoking, and his cancer was very advanced when he was diagnosed. I just found a really intersting diary of a lady called Sue Insole,(breast cancer) on the wddty website, and thought it might be of interest to others.
I wondered..Is there anyone on site who has gone down the alternative route with any success?
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Hi Henrietta,

Thanks for replying to my post. I am really sorry to hear that your husband isn't responding. I haven't followed alternative therapies but I have been taking complementary therapies along with my chemo. I take vitamins that are supplied by the Penny Brohn centre which are specially designed (with the help of oncologists) to support patients through chemo.

I also take AHCC capsules which are extracts from Japanese mushrooms includng Shitake. This is used in Japaneese hospitals as a regular part of cancer care. They are known to boost the immune system and help the chemo become more effective as well as reducing side effects. All this I do with the knowledge of my oncologist who certainly thinks it can do me no harm.

I don't know if its coincidence but the turn around in my health and the effectiveness of my chemo dates from my starting taking the AHCC extract. It is also known to inhibit the cancer returning. hope this is helpful


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Thanks for that Nicola, its very useful to know something is helping you. I'm so glad things are starting to turn around for you, and I sincerely hope it continues.

All the best