Cancer of esophagus + spinal mets as Starting chemo

Hi don't know if anyone can help but here goes, hubby had one of radiotherapy on Wednesday to help with spinal mets c4 and t7, changed from ocycodone to oramorph because over weekend started with hiccups and swallowing issues, had video consultation Wednesday afternoon and discussed starting chemo, which hopefully will start next Tuesday, also had call about staring herseptin for her2, he was very pleased as has read about remission from herseptin, has anyone heard about herseptin results, we were told on Wednesday that he is incurable and all treatments are palliative, hard to hear tears from us both, I'm finding it very hard to be brave enough and strong enough, don't feel I can do this, had a emotional wobbly at work this afternoon as I don't want to do this in front of hubby, he's slept most of today and this evening. 3.45 and can't sleep glad I'm not working tomorrow. 

  • Hi , I'm so sorry to hear about the incurable diagnosis. Those small hours times in sleepless nights are the worst. You'll find more information about medication experiences in the oesophageal cancer group. They're a very supportive bunch and are happy to share their experiences. There's also the supporting someone with incurable cancer group but incurable doesn't necessarily mean a short life prognosis (have they given a prognosis?). I understand the emotions and I think you're very brave; I didn't so well but toughened up slowly whereas you've been thrown into it full pelt with no time to get used to it. I know it sounds trite but remember to look after you too or the sleepless nights will leave you too washed out to look after him or yourself. It's good that you're not working today, I hope you can get some rest. Thinking of you.

    Love and hugs,