We understand that people with cancer are worried about coronavirus. Here is the latest guidance. We will update it regularly.

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My husband  has terminal  cancer and I work in a care home that has the virus and so I am not going into work because  if I catch it and take it home it will kill him.What are my rights  at work under these circumstances.

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Hi , I've found this page which seems to give the clearest guidance and this one is the government page with the most comprehensive advice. I hope this helps.

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Hi Jake23, I am in same situation work in care home doing nights husband has an incurable cancer currently stable but with body hammered from treatments and other health issues is very high risk as your husband. I have now been off over 2 weeks with an additional 2 weeks off from dr due to myself been unwell with chest infection, claiming SSP. Want to go to work when the additional 2 weeks end but feel I cant, dont feel it would be safe due to husbands high risk. Did you find an answer in regards to the current corona issue or is the best route to try and get signed off on stress because I am stressed and at least we will have some form of income. It is so hard to find a black and white answer, have read endless information trying to find a solution.