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Carer Help required

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Hello everyone - I hope someone can help me or signpost

I am a carer to my husband with terminal cancer and my son with Profound Learning Difficulties, Global delay, Autism and Epilepsy, who are both at home.

My husband is having chemo so he has to go to the walk in centre for a blood test 48 hours before his chemo. This is proving very difficult because my son's day centre has now closed due to Coronavirus. I can't take my son into the clinic due to his distress or leave him in the car outside alone while I wheelchair my husband in for his blood test. My family members either work or are over 70. So I need someone to help/sit with my son at home while I go with my husband, or have the blood test at home but may have problems getting the blood. 

Can anyone help ? Who should I contact ? Obviously need to be DBS checked.

I live in the Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire area

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We also have to get out for blood tests but our local district nurse team have come to the house to do them. Hope that helps.

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Hi , Macmillan has the Buddies Scheme, if you google it you should find some in your area. I'd also ask your husband's GP surgery for advice, they might have a nurse who could come out to get the bloods. Failing that, try your local hospital PALS who will be able to tell you what support is available.

Thinking of you in these difficult days,

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Hi Jue

I've realised that you've not been welcomed into the online community and the carers only forum and please let me rectify this now by giving you a very warm welcome into the Mac family. We are always sorry to see new members walk through our doors but for whatever reason you are reaching out to us and the stage of your journey you can rest assured that everyone of us will do what we can to help you in the journey.

I concur 100% about contacting your GP surgery about this especially the blood tests, seems an unnecessary journey to walk in clinic for a blood test when the local district nurse could take the blood, they are reluctant to do house calls and they have to be convinced that the patient is not suffering from the virus symptoms before they enter houses.

I like to look at problems from the backdoor and wonder if you've considered using patient transport services or voluntary community transport services to take your husband to the walk in clinic or his chemo appointments, this would avoid (without knowing your full circumstances and maybe avoid distressing your son) and taking him to the appointments, as PTS would pick up your husband take him straight to the clinics, book him in and inform the reception that he has return transport and they will return later to bring him home, the downside it can be a long day out.

Alternatively Community transport or voluntary car service might be able to supply a dedicated car and driver to pick up your husband and take him to his appointment and bring him home, usually allow you 2 hours appointment time and is a shorter day out, the downside you may be charged for the service, depending on your circumstances.

In my usual style I'm afraid I finish off by giving information on organisations that you can contact in Lancashire which I hope will be of help and find a solution to your problem.

NHS Patient Transport Services

You husband will need an assessment with lots of carefully wordered questions which you are expected to give just a yes or no, think about your answers and answer the way that suits you just be convincing or get your GP surgery to organise.

NHS Patient Transport Services Renal and Cancer patients

Criteria not so great

Alternative transport numbers.

Lancashire Community Transport

In the carers only group we like everyone to keep in touch and keep us informed how they are getting on whether it be by just passing by to chat, letting off steam or just having a rant. We are all here for each other today, tomorrow and everyday after tomorrow.



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Thanks for this info.

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I contacted the district nurses and a nurse came out to our home to do the blood test.


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will look into this, many thanks