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I have been reading these posts for a while but could really use some advice ATM. 

Sorry for it being so long. 

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago, with treatment she has had 11 years of relative good pain free living. 

As of may she had been complaining of back ache and trouble eating. Plus shortness of breath  She had started loosing weight. We were backwards and forwards to the doctor's till August when the doctor finally agreed to a bone scan and CT scan with contrast. 

The results were multiple Mets to spine, leg,sternum, ribs and skull. With Mets to the lungs. She declined anymore treatment looking for quality over quantity. 

We finally got some decent pain relief (patches morphine ) referral to palliative care team (which was never sent, so two weeks of chasing everyone and no one knowing anything) 

In total she has lost 3.5st since June. She can't walk or go out and eating is pretty non existent. 

Our palliative care nurse has been a godsend but the doctor's are terrible. 

My main issue I am having at the moment (last in a long line) is palliative nurse requested blood test for liver, kidneys and full blood count. The request was made on 2nd November, the doctor phoned on 7 th to say paperwork was ready to be collected and to go to hospital for test. We requested a district nurse to do blood test at home. Doctors finally agreed after 3 phone calls. Nurse finally came out on 14th to do the test. 

I went to doctor's on 20 th November to collect results, get given them and everything is abnormal, ( our nurse is away till next week, temp nurse said to call doctor's) 

So phoned doctor's, doctor couldn't find the results ,(turned out they gave me blood test results from 2002.) 

No results on system so they can only assume hospital/ doctor lost sample or results. 

Now they are meant to be doing another blood test and but we still do not know when. (it was marked as urgent but who knows) 

I really feel that she needs better care than this. 

Any idea what I should do next. 

  • Hi and welcome to the online community and our carers only group and I am sorry to read how your mums recent journey has turned out.

    All GP practices have a complaints procedure in place that is written into NHS constitution and all GP surgerys are required to adhere to. The surgery should have a complaints form for you fill in which should be returned to the practice manager and they should give you a time scale on the progress being made.

    If, in the first instance, you only want to make an informal complaint about the treatment your mum has received you could try to contact the practice manager for an informal chat and they should respond to you in a few days then if you are still not happy you can make the complaint formal, once you receive a response and if you are still not happy the surgery should have given you details of the people to take it forward, this would normally be the local CCG and subsequently the health Ombudsman.

    I would suggest discussing this with your mum to make sure she is aware of the action you are proposing.

    Making a complaint about your GP surgery should not impact on the impact on the healthcare your mum can expect in the future.

    These two pieces of information will give you guidance on the procedure for making a complaint.

    How to complain to the NHS


    How to complain about a GP practice

    I hope the above is found to be of interest and help to you.


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