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Stemcell transplant

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Hello everyone , my daughter had a stem cell transplant 4 weeks ago I was her donor , we’ve now been told that she’s got graft versus host disease ,she’s very weak and is now refusing to have any visitors I’m not sure what to do 

Needing friends
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Hi there I am so sad to hear about everything happening to you all. I don't know if I would know what to do if I was in your position either. I can also understand your daughters reaction too, but I wonder if it is a temporary reaction to things. Maybe in time she'll reach out to you or at least accept your attempts at communication. In the meantime make sure she knows you are there go her anytime and get as much advice as you can. Try your Gp, Maggies if you have one, macmillan. I'm sure it's not an unusual problem and they will have experience in this dilemma. Keep your chin up xx

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