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Normal vs cancer symptoms

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Morning all,

As my family prepare to support my husband through his first immunotherapy treatment (incurable cancer with primary ocular melanoma spread to liver and bone marrow) I wondered how I can determine what are normal symptoms and what could be cancer related?

Due to a prolonged period to get a full diagnosis my husband is slightly in denial over his bone marrow cancer diagnosis (final MRI next week) but over the last few weeks he has been having pain in his shoulder, lower back, numbness and tingling in his fingers and yesterday he struggled to walk due to pain in his butt.. He puts this down to wearing a heavy backpack and sitting in a car for a long duration but I am not convinced! This is really unlike him to feel the pain he has, it keeps him up at night, he often has now strength in his arm and as we know his cancer is aggressive I think we are seeing the first real symptoms.. so how do you know? Or should you question all pain as cancer pain?? 
thanks all xx

Runner Chick  
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Hi , sorry to hear about your husband and the pain he is suffering. It is well worthwhile mentioning this when he sees his oncologist but other than that it can be just about impossible to know and so the best answer is often just to treat it like pain.

My wife, who has Leiomyosarcoma, fell and banged her keen recently but then in trying to rest it strained the other leg, seems like she has been sorted now though and tomorrow is another day.

Hope the MRI goes well, Janice hates them worst of all because she finds them quite claustrophobic.



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Thanks Steve, this is really helpful. This is all a bit of a mind field and I just want to make sure I get it right and that he can be as comfortable and looked after as he can be. 

MRI’s are not his favourite for the same reason, but he does enjoy the rock music they give him to listen too : -)

best wishes to you and Janice and thank you again 

Runner Chick