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Has anyone had anxiety before a loved one was diagnosed. My anxiety was starting to rise ( am on meds) a couple of months before mums diagnosis but now has gone worse, have an appointment with my Dr in a couple of days, but not sure if being anxious all day and night is a " normal " reaction, or if I need to up my meds. Positive please.

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Hi and welcome to the community - sorry to here about your mum.

My wife was severely ill for some time before her diagnosis and in some ways getting a diagnosis felt like something of a relief. In some ways Janice was coping better than me and I became quite anxious.

I managed to get on a living with less stress course and learned to try to line more in the here and now (mindfulness) because it is so easy to think of everything that could go wrong and believe it all will. They also taught a conscious breathing technique that was very helpful to relax but also when something unexpected happens.

We have been living with cancer now for 6 years and it has really helped to cement our relationship. Janice is doing great and only needs a checkup every 9 months.



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Hi, I think it’s probably super normal to have high level anxiety at this time. My partner was diagnosed with with bowel cancer two weeks ago so it’s all very fresh for us and we’re both incredibly anxious at the moment. On a separate note, a couple of years ago I had some cognitive behavioural therapy for generalised anxiety disorder and it really helped me back then and I can recognise that it’s still helping me now. Whilst there’s a real obvious cause of your current anxiety, CBT helped me to sort through my feelings of anxiety to see where it was coming from, it stopped controlling my life and I stopped having panic attacks etc so it may be useful for you at some point, I would also recommend looking into some mindfulness activities too for something more immediately helpful. I really hope you find something that works for you, it’s a horrible way to feel all the time. Best of luck.

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I got anxious only when we saw the diagnosis. It contributed to severe depression and it was a really hard time. I even used cbd oils from hempworldstore to get some relaxation and relief. And it was helpful actually.

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I managed to get rid of anxiety thanks to cbd oil and imini vaporizer but I just overcame symptoms, not the reason of anxiety. At the moment I feel I need special therapy and profound work with psychologist.