Hubby just dignosised with advanced prostrate cancer

Hi all

i am new to this and my god it’s tough diagnosed end of June had 2 stays in hospital because of low Hemoglobin levels and transfusions it’s hard to hear treatable but not curable in the bones the pain is nearly under control on oralmorp .Hes still processing al that he been told and not coping well drs have said 2 years if he response well to treatment .I know drs can’t predict but it’s just hard that you have this sentence so I suppose as cares we are brave for everyone else but this is breaking my heart 

  • Hello sunsarah, sorry to hear your news. I guess many people on this forum can tell you that doctors predictions are exactly that, predictions!, l wouldn't treat it as definate. I hope that you can get the pain under control as that's so important. My OH is in almost constant pain he has had  or still has pancreatic cancer and melanoma. His bloods show cause for concern but scan clear. On his melanoma appointment they found a lump in his armpit. He takes solpadeine max I buy from the chemist, buscopan and we are going to try ammitryptaline. I don't feel anyone knows what to do because they don't know the cause. It must be so hard for your partner processing the news, and it must be a comfort to have you there on his side battling beside him. Take whatever help you can get from Mcmillan, maybe maggies center if you have one. You are allowed to be loved and supported too xx

  • Hi 

    Thankyou for your reply I hope your oh gets some answers and pain under control we are seeing the dr and nurses tomorrow about pain and later in the week specialist to see what his treatment plan is I suppose it feels like we are taking in some much imformation in such a short space of time and you sit back and go wow only been on this journey a few weeks but seems like forever .

  • Hi Sunsarah,

    My other OH was diagnosed with advanced prostate 20 years ago and is just getting to the last things they can do for him.and

    He was told that he had 18 months to 2 years but luckily he was put on various different trail drugs which were life prolonging not a cure

    Various drugs gave him different legnths of time most of them upto 3 years.So don't despair just yet.. He has the cancer in his ribs, spine and thigh bone.  Was in terrible pain but has been taking Pentagablin (think it's spelt like that) and Oramorph which he can take when ever he is pain is high.

    He has had 2 different types of chemotherapy over the last 20 years a few bouts of radiotherepy to help with some painful places.

    Don't despair, there is plenty yet that they can do.

    Lots love and hugs, keep strong

    June xx

  • Thankyou for your reply it just seems to in such a short time that such a lot going on been diagnosed since end of June 

    We have seen a dr to sort out his pain he’s on oral morph we have appoint this week with oncologist so will see what they say they are talking about chemo in a few weeks started hormone injections and had iv for his bone  can’t remember name something acid his scan revealed 3 fractures I am a positive person but wow such a lot to take in x I am sorry to hear your oh at that stage hugs x 

    Love and hugs to you too x