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I think its come back

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My lovely husband, had intensive treatment for a rare head and neck cancer, he's been unwell since, some 7 years now,  he just never recovered from it, and had other serious surgery for different conditions.   Hes a lump in his mouth so tests are about to start.   It could be nothing, but im not coping at all.   Ive other pressures in my family, like everyone,  can anyone sigmpost me to help please 



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Welcome to the Mac Family and I am so sorry that you've had to join us and that your husband is experiencing some new as symptoms which I see that tests are about to start and now the waiting game starts all over again which is never easy.

I am not surprised you are not coping and would suggest that you see your GP and discuss your feelings with him/her, hopefully you will receive a sypathetic ear and you might receive some counselling. Carers are now recognised as a people who also need help and it is out there waiting for you, please ask for it

I also see that you've you've joined our Head and neck cancer group and would invite you to repost your post above in the group and introduce yourself to the members who are friendly and might be able to give you some help with the mouth lump.

If you would like to speak to someone in Macmillans you are very welcome to telephone the support line and speak to one of the friendly advisers on 0808 808 0000 the line is open between 8 am and 8 pm Monday through to Sunday every day of the year and can help with many things or if you just want a chat give them a call.

Being a carer and having other family pressures around you is not easy and you can often forget about yourself and you do need time for you to recharge your batteries and have some ME time please try and arrange some for yourself as often as you can 

You are very welcome to keep coming on here and discussing what's going through your head with the other carers who are all is the same position as yourself and are willing to share with you.


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