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Unfortunately my mum has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and we will find out next week in the PET scan if its spread to further organs, it has already spread to some lymph nodes.

I have read articles about particular foods or lifestyle changes that could help with reducing the spreading of the cancer [edited by admin]

Does anybody have any advice or guidance, doctors say to have a "health balanced diet" but I just feel maybe theres something else out there which may be able to help.

Any advice would be appreciated- I am so heartbroken.

Nikki x


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Hi Nikki10 welcome to the forum and I am so sorry to hear about what is happening for you and your mum.

In respect of the diet I cant really give any advice about that unfortunately but I imagine that there will be things that your mums digestive system can deal with and some that she may not. Maybe tts about asking her what foods she feels like eating. The other thing to do is maybe post your question in the ask a dietician forum which is on the main site and they may be better able to answer our query.

In the meantime Im sending you some huge big hugs. xxxxxx

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Hi Nikki,

Welcome to the group. I'm sorry to hear about your mum; it's such a shock to hear a loved one has cancer and I do understand how 'heartbroken' you feel, it's a kick in the gut type of diagnosis.

My husband's specialist cancer nurse said, 'colours', sweet potatoes and colourful vegetables etc. This is the Macmillan dietary advice page and we have certainly found it has helped my husband sticking to the advised foods. I'd be a bit wary of looking for 'something else'; not that I'm suggesting you would look for anything going, but really the diet and keeping active and keeping a level mood are all very important and helpful. Allow yourself the time to digest the information and try not to imagine the worst; that is so easy to say, but keeping your own mood up is equally important. 

Your support will be as important, as diet and exercise is, to your mum; knowing you are there and ready to help her will mean so much to her.

Thinking of you and sending hugs,


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