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Dad now throwning up black stuff when sick and rapid weight loss,any advice???

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Not been on here for a while,been hating the world,drinking(not helping) etc etc. My dad has stage 4 pancreatic,stomach,bowel cancer and was diagnosed November 12 and given until April 13. We had an oncology appointment and he was weighed and in two weeks he's lost 16lbs (over a stone) he's now 85kgs. Lately he's saying the pain is worse,and today he's coughing up black stuff with bits of blood?? When's he's sick,, as usual he hardly eats and when he does it comes straight back up,any advice please...
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Hi Mark,

I would ring his medical team and ask for advice or ring McMillan Nurses who will advise you.

Sorry you are in a bad place just now, maybe you could ask for carer's support to help you deal and cope with things. Just a suggestion xxx

Big hugs to you.



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Thank you I'm going to do that,at the minute he's been refusing the nurses for a while now (don't want to anger him),but I'm going to have to,thank you again