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first scan

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Wow what a scary time this is for me its my mum that has the cancer and has recently had her first scan to see if the chemo is working and im terified that it hasent worked i don't want to get my hopes up but she has been having chemo twice a month for two months is this enough time to tell if it is doing any good i just don't understand the options are for her and us as a family im just frustrated as she so t let be go to appointments with her so i feel i am not able to support her fully any advice would be very welcome
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Hello Jade, welcome to a place you didn't want to be in. However, you will get support here, and this is also a place where you can express the hurt too. 

At the end of my post will appear the free phone line for the Macmillan service, they are good at helping on the phone, it's a great system for 'talking things through' and helping you to see the best way to turn.

Sending you a big hug xxx