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English but live in Australia

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We have lived in Australia for about 25 years and all our family live in England - in June 2012 Kim was diagnosed with bowel cancer - no signs but it had been there a couple of years. He has been given 2 years because it has spread. I am looking for a place to talk, vent, ask questions - life is tough and I hope this is the place - love Christine

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This is definitely the place to get help, rant and rave and say exactly what you want. Take care x
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Hi Christine, My husband was diagnosed nearly 3 years ago with stage 4 bowel cancer. He is still receiving treatment and has recently started his 3rd 6 month course of chemo.  It is tough; cancer is a horrid, horrid disease but treatment is improving and you will find lots of information, help and support here.  Keep posting - there is always someone here to listen 

Hiloa x

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Definitely the right place, you will find everyone here understands your situation only too well and some amazing advice and support is given xxx
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Hi Christine

This is indeed the place.

The place where you can say exactly what you think, feel, wouldn't say to anybody else, whatever - good, bad, indifferent or downright ugly.  this is the place where you never need to explain yourself, because everyone has either been there already, is there now, or is going there xxx

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Hi Christine, you've found a place where you can 'tell it like it is' and in spite of any time difference or geographical differences, this is one group where we all will understand! So though nobody wants to be here, welcome! Sending you a big hug xxx