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my mum

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I would like to say thank you for all the kind messages l received after my mum passed away, her funeral was last week but it doesn't seem real. I know she's gone we were with right to the end at home and she really did suffer, but every time I walk into the house I expect her to come walking in. I'm supposed to be putting the house up for sale as those were her wishes in her will but I can't do two brothers are staying there at the moment and we can't seem to get back to "normal" for six months all we did was look after mum and her last 2 wks were the longest and hardest, we hardy slept and feel we were let down by district nurses etc..we are so tired still and can't seem to get motivated into doing anything....nothing seems right ...she was I'll for 4months but deteriorated in 10 days then was this normal what were going through?