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Care pathways

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I appreciate that we are all different in the way we like our treatment stages and options to be communicated. The default approach appears to be the ‘one step at a time’ communication of diagnosis and treatment options which I guess is the safest as it doesn’t mislead people. However, if (like me) you prefer to make informed decisions it doesn’t give much opportunity to consider things for yourself, and within NHS the limited consultant face time gives you minimal opportunity to discuss decisions with specialists. However all of the regional cancer MDTs publish their care pathways on the internet. So if you like to know what happens next I’d urge you to find the relevant document for your type of cancer, and you can then understand the different treatment options and the decision making protocols. It certainly helped me, and set the context for all of my clinician interactions. 

One of the lucky ones.
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Hi Trickycycling thank you for the really helpful post which I feel sure will be of enormous benefit to many others on here.

That is the beauty of this forum, sharing ideas, new developments,sharing knowledge and information with us all. Thank you.