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German clinics. Anyone had any direct experience? Particularly for TNBC or brain metastases

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Has anyone had any direct experience of clinics in Germany? Good or bad - it will help in decision making

Particularly for TNBC, or for brain metastases? Also has liver, lung and 1 lymph node.

Looking at Immunotherapy, dentritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, low dose or supported chemo, IV's etc, basically anything that might help with brain mets in particular.

Waiting for second opinion with the Royal Marsden, with no guarantee they will accept patient, or offer anything different, so need an alternative in case it takes weeks. Clock is ticking on cognition.

Have done lots of  research and contacted 3 or 4. Would like to know if anyone has had experience

Thank you

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Try posting this in the TNBC and Brain, secondary cancer groups. You're more likely to get a response there

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