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I have just been diagnose with breast cancer

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A lump was removed from my left breast 3 weeks ago, and the diagnosis showed it was a cancerous lump. I have been offered 2 options. But my worry is that all my life I have heard early detection saves life, but now I am told that my breast has to be removed. So what is the advantage of early detection please.

I am a light placed on the mountain top.
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Hi M-cee welcome to the forum and so very sorry to hear your news.

I am a bit confused with your post so wanted to ask you what the two options were that you were offered as I can only see one the option of a Mastectomy?

In terms of early detection saves lives- it does- but we may live different lives to what we had intended if that makes any sense?  My life gas eben saved as I was picked up early 3 years ago had my surgery and treatment and Im here and intend to be for a long time to come yet so my life has been saved by early detection.

Im not sure if that makes any sense at all but I also wonder if you might like to post into the Breast Cancer thread as lots of folks in there who could maybe add some words of wisdom to help with your query.

Meantime Im  sending some  huge big hugs your way for now.xxx