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Treatment decisions

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I hope you don't mind me postinf although I'm not sure if I will be joining you all in treatment just yet!

I have a recently confirmed diagnosis of follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (earlier this week), Stage 3B. I am 28 and I am a mum of 2 year old twin girls and I work 0.6 at present.

I'm now supposed to be considering my treatment options: basically either watch and wait or go into chemo and rituximab treatment straight off, which I think was suggested because of the stage and the B symptoms I have (weight loss, night sweats, low blood counts). I'm basically changing my mind on this every 5 minutes! My husband thinks it's better to go straight for the treatment. But I'm so worried about how it will affect me and how we will cope.

I find it so hard to even acknowledge the things I feel. I want to be healthy, I want to see my kids grow up. I know I should keep positive...but these black thoughts and the "incurable" word keep seeping in. And I really want to talk out the treatment options with my friends as well, but it's so hard to see how upset they look!

I am sorry for this rambling post - I don't even know quite what I'm trying to say, but I just want to know as much as poss before I decide, so if anyone is willing to share I'd be so grateful!

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Hi Jess 1111 welcome to the forum and sorry that you have not had a response as yet.

I wonder if you felt able to that you pick up the phone and contact Macmillan on their helpline 08088080000. They have specialist nurses available who you could chat with and maybe have someone answer all the questions that you have posed here.

Just to be clear  though they will not offer advise about which way to go as this has to be your choice but they will give you as much information as they are able to .

Sending some huge big hugs your way meantime. xxxxx