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Getting a second opinion?

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Hi all, my first post here:

I have recently been diagnosed with brain tumour and due to receive treatment at University Hospital Coventry. Treatment at Coventry has seemed excellent so far, but I wondered if I should also look at University Hospital Birmingham as am option as travel times from my home in Stratford-upon-Avon would be similar. I wondered if anyone had any option on Coventry vs Birmingham for e.g. radiotheraphy?

In general, do people tend to ask for a second opinion with this sort of thing or should I stick with first point of contact?


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Hi and welcome to the community though sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

There are plenty of people here who are being seen by more than one hospital, often a more specialist hospital does the control/supervision but treatment might be available somewhere more convenient to the patient. This is not quite the same as a second opinion that often means starting from scratch with a different oncology team to see if they come to a different diagnosis/treatment plan. Many doctors will welcome this but it would likely mean a delay to the start of treatment.

While I have no experience with brain tumours I did find this where both Coventry and Birmingham are listed as centres of excellence.



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Thanks for this. I was officially diagnosed today and it seems treatment is urgent. I have decided to stick with current hospital as everything's seemed so good so far and it seems no time to lose. Thanks for your advice Steve much appreicated!