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Kidney cancer spred

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Just been told my dad's drugs not  working been offered new ones cabozantinib or nivolumab wonderd if anyone has experience with these

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Hi , I’m sorry to hear your dad’s drugs are not working, it’s always a worry when you have to change treatment. My cancer is different it’s metastatic melanoma, so I haven’t heard of of cabozantinib  I found this link for you though on Macmillan https://www.macmillan.org.uk/information-and-support/treating/targeted-biological-therapies/find-your-therapy/cabozantinib.html

I am on the Immunotherapy drug Pembrolizumab which is like Nivolumab but by a different company I am on my 35th 3 weekly dose and have had minimal side effects (just a rash 2 weeks after my first dose and I feel tired for a few days after each iv treatment)  but everyone is different in how they react side effect wise and how they respond I’m very lucky I currently clear.

I found this link for you


I saw that this was your first post and that you haven’t joined any groups, I wondered if you might have a more relevant response if you posted in the kidney group I’ve put a link for you to click on. I had a quick look there’s a lot of chatter about Nivolumab in there. you could search for the drug names in the search bar of the kidney group and join in any recent discussions or start a new one. If you click join the group you can also be notified if there are new discussions.


i hope some of this helps, but I hope someone gives you some personal kidney cancer experience.

best wishes


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Thanks will have a look

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Hi Gordon, If drugs are not working, It may be the reason of antibiotic resistance. You may consult your doctor for this problem, as it is a serious matter. My one of friend had the same issue. The doctor prescribed another drug along with Cometriq. After couple of weeks, the drugs start working.

Apart from this, you may read in details : Cabozantinib