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CBD oil

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Hearing mixed things about this as a positive treatmemt cancer. Some say it doesn't work and can be harmful, others say it is good for some people, maybe as a placebo.

My partner has just been diagnosed with quite advanced lung cancer and will start conventional treatments this week

 I feel l want to try anything to give her the best chance with her health

WhAt experiences do people have with CBD oil and cancer, particularly lung cancer .also any recommendations for brands or strengths. 

Thank you

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Hello . Any benefits of CBD oil are still unclear. One thing that is known is that in some cases it can have an adverse effect on some treatments, so the medics need to be advised if thinking of it . Macmillan have produced information on it HERE which is worth reading. Best wishes. 

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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Thank you Riley. Helpful advice

 I've read the macmillan info and looked at the links to research so  thanks for pointing me in that direction .