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Letrozole side effects

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I have leiomyosarcoma, initially in the womb, unfortunately a tumour reoccurred in my pelvis the site of the previous hysterectomy.

Initially as the tumour started to shrink following radiotherapy an operation was considered. My last scan however , showed a further tumour had now developed in the peritoneum inoperable so was told I am now terminal. My oncologist says perhaps have 6 month to a year, all depends on the behaviour of the tumour. As I have expressed willing to try anything, she has put me on Letrozole to see if it has any effect. I have been on it now for 2 weeks and am experiencing debilitating side effects. I have increased hot flushes, night seats so bad cannot sleep, I ache so bad that moving around is painful, have headaches and get dizzy spells. Is this something I have to suffer initially and will get better perhaps after 4 weeks, or is this a permanent issue. Normally I am an active cup half full person, love travelling, meeting people and interested in all that goes on in the world. At present this drug is robbing me of who I am and I have started asking myself is it worth it? 

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Hi, I am sorry to hear you are suffering side effects from this drug, I have never taken it myself but I read some forum messages from other patients that seem to mirror your experiences, have you spoken to your oncologist about these symptoms ? I have a incurable blood cancer and I understand the balancing act between quality of life and life extending treatments. Have you had any contact with palliative care services yet ? If you type letrozole in the search box in the top right corner of the page it wil show you posts with a reference to that drug.

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