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Saying no post breast treatment drugs

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In the past twelve months, after diagnosis of triple +ve Stage 1-II-B, grade 3 breast  cancer, I have had chemotherapy, surgery (lumpectomy), radiation and adjuvant therapy via a daily aromatase inhibitor pill. I am not appreciating the side effects, namely and most importantly impacts to my brain function (there are plenty of others but that is the important one)  - intermittent memory loss, and I have found some scientific articles that can attribute brain function to these hormone drugs.

Last week I had a brain scan last week that confirmed nothing suspicious going on in the head with my hippo-campus so therefore in my mind it is all the drugs.  I have been a science experiment for 12 months and now want to say that's enough as the benefits Disease Free Survival are not enough. Only a 5% difference I think. 

Am I reasonable to give up the drugs?  I think the body needs to get back to a drug free baseline and maybe I would start again...

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There's so many tough choices to make in this journey. You've done all the hard stuff - well done getting through it all.

Not unreasonable at all to want off the drugs. But perhaps post this in the Breast group, where there are a lot of others asking the same questions. They are a great group over there, and will answer what they can. And probably play devil's advocate for you too!!

I had the main lump TN and lymph node ER neg and HER2+. Took some arguing with GP, but went back on HRT as menopause was just as bad the second time around. So I do sympathise, and agree that the mental function impact is pretty hard to deal with.

Hugs xx