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Difficult decision

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i was diagnosed with a T3 tumour in the large intestine in October 2019 which was successfully removed at the end of November. Having seen the oncology team Christmas Eve I am advised there is no spread of the disease to liver or lymph nodes but a very few cancer cells in the blood stream.  The team are saying that they are not recommending chemotherapy but they are saying they can “make available if I wish” a six month course of Capecitabine.  The increased longevity over 5 years offered appears to be an extra 4% or so.

i have read the details offered by the oncology team concerning the side effects of this drug which are daunting.  I would welcome any comments from people who have experience of this drug or who have been faced with this choice.

Thank you.

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This should read October 2018 - sorry!

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Hi there,

I hope you don't mind me commenting but it seems we are in a similar position.  I had emergency surgery end of October for suspected appendicitis but when they operated they removed a lot of tissue, which turned out to be a stage 4 tumour.  Like you I have been told there is no spread to lungs and waiting on results of MRI to confirm liver is clear but found cancer cells in blood.  My oncologist has said that as it was so advanced there is a  very good chance it will come back but as long as liver is clear they would not offer chemo as it wouldn't stop it from coming back and would just make me ill- 

I just wondered if you had been given any info as to why this drug has been offered and if you had made a decision as to whether to accept it.  I'm just  trying to get my head around it all so I understand if you don't want to share xxx