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Chemotherapy side effects and use of mistletoe extract

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Hope you can help. I am based in Australia and being treated through the public system for stage 3 bowel cancer. Surgery and now 6 months of chemo. Combination of oxaliplatin and capecitabine. only early days cycle 2 but horrendous unrelenting diarrea. My surgeon mentioned that the NHS and I believe the Swiss medical system are using mistletoe extract alongside these drugs to assist in these effects.

My oncologist in Australia has not heard of it, or being used in any Australian hospital system.

Really appreciate hearing if any of you have heard of this or used it, and who prescribed it to you, to find out about dosage etc.

Hope you can help...Festive Greetings...perfect time foe Mistletoe extract!

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Hi Jools12 welcome to the forum. I have not heard of this before either but there are two ways that you could get more information about this .

1) You could post in the Ask a Nurse section of this site as the Nurse may be able to help with more detail.

2) There is a chemo thread in the breast cancer forum on this ste and maybe some of the folks in there might be able to give you some information.

Hope thats useful for you and sorry not to have been of more help.

Sending very best wishes across the miles for you.xx