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Help with hospital stays

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I want to do some fundraising to donate whatever I can to patients at the uclh who are stuck in hospital feeling low, lonely and bored.

I know my sister sometimes felt slightly better with a TV available, and I wanted advice from the people who have been through it, as to any home comforts you can think of. No matter the price, depending on how much I can raise, I just want to do anything can to help even a bit. 

My love to everyone going through this right now, you are all amazing and I am in awe always.

Eagerly await your suggestions! 

Jen xxx

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What a lovely idea! It's very boring being in hospital so for me, anything that helps pass the time is great. There's also call for things that make us feel better (such as foot massage or hand massage you have to be careful with massaging cancer patients). 

Have you thought about supporting a particular charity, though, as getting items donated to a hospital is harder than it might at first seem.  There is a good Macmillan Information Support Centre at UCLH and it might be worth having a chat with them.

Power to your fund raising!