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Cancer squamous cell cancer of the nose cavity

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Hi I've been given months to live. They said it is not operable and radiotherapy has been offered but with severe side effects. I read so much since been diagnosed. 

Has anyone had the cancer as its a rare and aggressive. 

I have a hole in the roof of my mouth soft palate destroyed and septum. 


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I'm very sorry to read about your diagnosis and although I don't have knowledge of this type of cancer I've just popped in from the melanoma group as I noticed your post had gone unanswered.

I think you are more likely to find the help and support you need if you join the head and neck cancer group. To join just click on the link I've created and then select Join This Group on the page that opens. You can then join in with existing posts, by clicking on Reply, or copy and paste your message from here into a new discussion by clicking on Start A Discussion.

Sending a ((hug))

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Hi SaucySue,

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I stumbled upon a link on the internet and it connected to your comment. I signed myself up for this online community so I can share a bit of my story to you. 

My husband was diagnosed with septal squamous carcinoma last 2015. It first started on his septum and was stage 1. We tried doing naturopathy, went vegan, stopped all sugars, had regular juicing, vit ivs, and others for 2 years from 2015 up to 2017. He lost a lot of weight but the cancer still spread. March 2016, 2 years ago, his septum was removed but we didnt go through chemo and radiation because of fear of the side effects and just continued with the diet and healthy lifestyle. But a year later, March 2017, he had nosebleeds everyday for hours and he lost his eyesight. He had a ct scan and it spread to skull base, ethmoid ans sphenoid sinuses, soft pallate and another tumor was blocking his optic nerves which resulted to blindness. It was already stage 4a. Doctors said the tumor was already inoperable and was given months to live. And the only treatment offered was chemo and imrt radiation.

We finally agreed to go to treatments. It started June 2017. He had 35 radiations. Once a day that lasts only a few minutes. And had chemo every 21 days for 6 months. It was rough. But he had an amazing faith in God and had a strong fighting spirit. Fast forward, october 2017 was his last treatment and in the first few weeks of radiation, his eyesight slowly came back to normal and can see again. And on his first ct and mri scan, no cancer can be found. To God be the glory. It will be his one year remission this month. 

Other than trusting and praying for God's miracles, the other outlet that helped us on my husband's recovery was joining head and neck cancer groups [edited by admin]. It helped us tremendously as we read many survivor's experiences, advises, victories and struggles. It brought us hope. You can be a member too. I have joined like about 6 groups. And everyday there are new members. Together we can beat this. Stay strong. Have faith! God bless you and guide you on your decision.