Problems with letrazole


im suffering with clicking thumb joint and ring ringer joint on one hand. Spoke to oncologist and he said it is a side effect from the letrazole and did I want to stop taking it and try another drug?? Bit nervous to move away from letrozole if im honest. Did anyone else have the clicking in their fingers and/or take an alternative drug to letrozole?

thank you x

  • Hi Izzypip we,come to the forum. Ah the lovely Letrozole well we all know that one and we have immense empathy with you with the joint problems as we all have them some worse than others.

    There is a major discussion forum across in the breast cancer forum  re this drug if you wanted to have a browse there and you will see that you are not alone with this,.

    They are known for joint pains and it is a result of our Oestrogen being shut off which Letrozole is designed to do. There are other drugs in the same group so in might be worth giving them a try and see if they help. You will also see that there is huge discussion about brands and initially when I started on them I thought it couldnt be that bad but believe me getting different brands of the drug DOES make a huge difference so maybe worth thinking about that and having  a chat with your pharmacist.

    Hope thats useful and please come back and let us know how you are doing and how you get on .

    Meantime Im sending some huge big hugs. x

  • Hi 

    As has already been said there is the main breast cancer group and here's a link to it. Just click on the green writing and you can choose to join the group as well if you want to, by clicking +join when you get there.  If you want to start a discussion in the group, you'd need to join.

    This is also the latest discussion regarding letrozole on this thread which may be of interest to you.

    Best wishes,