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Hey everyone. I have inoperable and incurable biwel cancer. I've had 25 cycles of folfiri and cetuximab for lung mets but it is no longer effective. My onccolonist suggested oxiplatin which was my first line treatment following surgery. It seemed to work but then my lung mets started to grow. My second option is radiotherapy, which Ive had before for a recurrence in my colon. I seemed to have great result from that but a couple months afterwards the cancer seemed to come back with a vengeance fortunately I was able to have more surgery My third option is lonsurf which I've not heard much about. I was wondering if anyone could tell me their experience of it.

Thank you. Caroline xx


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Hi /Caroline

I'm sorry to read everything that you've been going through and I'm afraid I can't answer your question but I noticed that it had gone unanswered.

I think you would be more likely to get a response if you posted your question in the bowel cancer group, which I see you've already joined, as this group is rather quiet.

Wishing you all the best


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Hi Caroline,

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, have had problems. I have had one cycle of Lonsurf, but it was stopped for awhile cos i had to have other treatment but i am starting it again in a couple of weeks. The only thing i know about lonsurf is it doesnt have a very high success rate. sorry it is not good news but any percentage is better than nothing.

Best Wishes.x

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. What you've said backs up what I've come across myself. With it being a fairly new treatment there's not a lot of info out there. But hey ho we could be the success stories.

Thank you