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Finished chemotherapy

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Hi just wondered if it’s normal to have aching bones all over after finishing chemotherapy. Last cycle 23/7/18 & how long would this last for . Should start 3 weeks of Radiotherapy end of September so hoping I’m still not feeling like this 

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I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but there is a group which may be of help to you chemotherapy, if you click the green link and join the group, you can post your question there.

Alternatively it may be that you post in the group for your particular kind of cancer.  It quite often depends on the type you have what regime of chemotherapy you have and the specific group may be able to help you more.  For instance the breast cancer group have their own thread each month regarding chemotherapy. Some of these ladies also take tablets as well which cause aching bones.

If you click Groups (in between Home and Blogs) and type in your cancer, it will bring up all your relevant groups.  Then, again just join the group and ask your question.  It will be worth mentioning what regime of chemo you had and you will get more specific replies.

Good luck with your radiotherapy (another group) - again, there may be a thread about it in your type of cancer too.

Kindest wishes,

Lesley x

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