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Hi there, new to site and have many questions! Her is but one .....

Dec last year diagnosed with early BC, stage 3 aggressive, estrogen receptive and HER2 - had lumpectomy and sentinel node removal in January, started chemo late March - 3 cycles of FEC and in late May started 3 cycles of Docetaxel and 12 month cycle Herceptin. On day 3 of

Docetaxel cycle when started Filgrastim injections body went into meltdown and week later was in hospital. Oncologist decided to stop the chemo after that fun and frolics and just continue with Herceptin (and planned rad due early August). I have last Friday had 3rd round of Herceptin and find I am feeling a tad ghastly afterwards with a lot of bone and muscle pain, but more annoyingly by end of the day feet ankles and legs are swollen to the point where they are unrecognisable as feet ankles and legs! Amusing yet disturbing. After that ramble, basically does anyone else have this issue after Herceptin, or could things be being exacerbated as one is not yet fully recovered from doc poisoning? Not sure I shall cope with 12 months of this malarky if it the Herceptin alone . Experiences and advice most welcome 

Although I am broken, I am still breathing...... 
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A warm welcome to the Macmillan Community, although sorry that you have had the need to find us.  

I see that you haven't found the Breast Cancer Group yet, if you click the green link, you can join this group.  This is possibly the busiest group on the whole of the online community and you will find many helpful and supportive ladies (and the occasional man).  You may wish to copy and paste your question into this group if you don't get an answer here / as well to get more variety of answers

There are other groups under the breast cancer banner, depending on what type you have/age (inflamatory, TNBC, secondary,under 50's etc) - these are active, but as I say the busiest of all and most read, is the main breast group.  There are a lot of 'chatty' threads on this group too as it seems to be a good place for making friends with other ladies who know what you're going through..

I unfortunately can't help you with your question as I didn't need chemo.  

Kindest wishes,

Lesley x

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