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Diet supplements

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When I was initially diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks ago the specialist nurse prescribed a milk based supplement - Ensure Plus in order to keep my weight up (I had been losing weight prior to diagnosis). My weight has stabilised.

However, I do have a concern about this supplement in that it contains sucrose. It's quite near the top of the list of ingredients (and the ingredients of the largest quantity are usually listed first). From what I've read there does appear to be a significant body of research to suggest that cancer cells thrive on refined sugar and so I would like to eliminate this from my diet if possible. Don't get me wrong, I know that this won't cure my cancer, but if there is a possibility that it can slow down its growth and buy me some time then I'm willing to give it a go. It's my hope that I could boost my nutrient intake via home made smoothies and milkshakes. I should probably add that I am starting chemotherapy next week.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience related to this?