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Breast cancer treatments

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Hi everyone I’m newish into the group. I discovered a fairly large lump left breast left breast a week ago even though I check religiously it seemed to come out of nowhere but nobody seems to believe that at breast clinic today.

I’ve had mammogram which hurt a lot, ultrasound, physical examination and biopsies done including a concerning lymph node. Also had titanium marker put in. 

I now have dreaded week wait for results but I know it’s cancer because they’ve put the marker in and he said for further treatments. I used to be a medical secretary in oncology so I know more than most patients would and after that they started taking me a bit more seriously and answering things. 

My lump is 4 cm by 3.5 cm are and triangular shaped. Could a lump aggressively appear overnight and if not how long is it likely to have been growing. I only have small breasts so I’d know if there was a lump

This big and I’m the sort to rush to my

Drs there’s no way I’d have buried my head in the sand plus it’s been so sinful I’d have known about it.

Any thoughts ? Plus what treatment options am I facing? The lump is on top of breast above nipple to the right slightly xx

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Hi , say your message had not been picked up when I was checking for message in out unanswered list. The cancer treatment list generally has very low activity and you might get a quicker response in the breast cancer group where there will be people with direct experience in that area. My wife's cancer is quite different and her experience with cancer treatment has only been chemotherapy.

It sounds to me like you have been quite careful in your self care and I can understand your feelings that the doctors seem not to believe you.  I can also understand your worries given your work history, people often remember bad things and forget good things quite easily.

If you do get diagnosed with breast cancer (and we can ALL relate to the anxiety of that wait) the main site divides into two types Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) and breast cancer in general both of these have a drop-down menu at the top of the page with details of the types of treatment you might be offered.



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Thank you so much Steve xx