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Optima trial for breast cancer

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Hi, I had a lumpectomy and an axilla clearance on 30 November.  Was at hospital today to see the oncologist and go back next week.  He briefly described this trial, hormonal therapy then radiotherapy..  is there anyone in this forum on the trial.  I am a bit unsure about it.  The other option is straight to chemotherapy.

Cheers. Frances

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Hi Frances, I'm going to see the oncologist on Thursday, my surgeon has mentioned the Optima trial several times and spoken to a few people who have read about it. 

I've read about it on the cancer research site but I'm not sure, ultimately I want the treatment that will give me the best chance that the cancer won't come back!

Will go with an open mind to the appointment and see what they say.


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Hi Michelle, I signed up for the trial and the results have come back.... I go to see the oncologist on Tuesday and I start my chemo on Wednesday?  I will also have radiotherapy and the hormone treatment...  

hope everything goes well for you


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I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on 7 December.  I signed up for the Optima trial and it came back that I had been allocated chemotherapy, then will have radiotherapy and hormone therapy.  This means I am either in the control group which has the standard treatment or the prosigna test result was high chance of recurrence.  As it's a blind trial not even my treatment team know which.  I am sort of relieved the choice was made for me.  Hope all goes well for you.