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What questions should I ask?

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Three weeks ago I had surgery to remove dodgy stuff from my abdomen. A radical hysterectomy including removal of fallopian tubes, ovaries, appendix, womb, omentum and lymph nodes.  They thought I had cancer in my ovaries and it was encroaching into my bowel.

On Thursday I meet with the consultant to discuss the future - initially chemo was mentioned but only in passing.

My question is, what questions should I be asking?  Is there anything you think you should have found out before you started treatment?

Are there things you wish you knew beforehand?

Anything, no matter how small, I would be so grateful for your insight/advice.

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Hi , welcome to the community though sorry to hear about what you have gone through and hope you are recovering well from what is such a major operation and so sorry you have these on going worries. I am reasonably sure as they had these worries over cancer they will have been looking at all the bits they removed under the microscope and will therefore have a really good idea now of if you did actually have cancer and what kind it might be. It is was ovarian cancer it might help you to look at the main site where there is a lot of information about what might be next.

It might help you to talk to one of the staff on the support line 0808 808 0000, it is open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm and it is a free call, they will be able to have a discussion with you that might point you to more specific ideas of where to look next. You might also like to look at or even join the Ovarian cancer where you will find people at all stages of dealing with OC.

Do you have family? They are welcome to ask questions too, it can be surprisingly difficult for them as well so much so that we even have specialist support in place to help them cope.

Whatever the outcome the best advice of all is keep talking, the old adage of a trouble shared really comes to play on the forum.