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Should I go to help with him?

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My brother is having his first chemo on Thursday. I am a teacher and it really hard to get time off so should I try and go with him? I have heard people say it isn't nice and good to have someone with them. We don't have any surviving parents anymore and my other two brothers can't do it due to not being able to drive and living miles away.

Should I try and get the day off?

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Hello Finegan. The actual administration of chemo is not as bad as people expect. The effects catch up with you a day or so later. Chemo lounges tend to be fairly friendly and upbeat and not all doom and gloom. I always went for my chemo on my own without any problems. It can be a long day. Make sure your brother wears loose comfy clothes as there is a lot of sitting around. Snacks and drinks and something such as a book or ipad to keep occupied. The first one is the worst, only because of the anticipation of not knowing what to expect. If your brother is generally able to look after himself, he should be fine. There is a good informative video of what to expect on the Mac pages HERE . I hope it all goes well. Best wishes.

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