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Cancer vaccines clinical trials (brain cancer)

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Hello all

Has anyone heard about, or had any experience with, cancer vaccines - in particular, vaccines for Grade IV brain cancer?

I think there's DCVax trial at Kings hospital in London, but I was looking for something further north. On the US forum, CancerCompass, lots of brain cancer patients seem aware of the vaccine trials and other new/promising treatments available as well.

Also I would welcome advice on how to broach the subject with my husband's oncologist. Do I research as much as I can about what's on offer in the UK, and then run it past her? Or do I say we want to check eligibility for a vaccine trial and would she look into it for us?

This is all out of my comfort zone..... but just leaving things to chance by taking just the standard treatment is not good enough ---- it is like accepting a self-fulfilling prophesy, if that makes sense. We've taken on board lots of nutritional things relating to brain cancer but again.... this does not feel enough.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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A bit late reply : yes there is a trial being run out of King's College organised by a neurosurgeon Ashkan. It is specifically licenced for grade 4 so you are eligible I presume. I do not think you'd have to pay for it, unless you do not live locally and have to travel.

If you have the cash you can visit Germany and specifically 

Praxis Dr. Nesselhut
Hinterstrasse 53
37115 Duderstadt
Tel.: +49 5527-9971 20


About the oncologist: he should know about the trial at king's college, it is his job. It is also his job and duty to serve the best interests of the patient. Finally, the "standard" treatments that the oncologists currently offer have 0% chance of a cure, therefore what does the patient got to lose?