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progesterone cream

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hi, i am currently having chemo and have been told i will be given tamoxifen afterwards.i am not particually happy with this for a number of reasons which i won't go into now.i have been doing a bit of research and keep reading about "natural progesterone cream" which admittedly sounds like something i should have been taking these past few years to protect me against getting breast cancer in the first place rather than now the damage is done.BUT, i also read that it protects against a recurrence of cancer as well. has anybody else any views on this.i would be interested to know anything about the benefits of it and if anyone has taken it as well as /instead of tamoxifen or any other hormone drug. rebilla.
Mary Louise
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Hi Rebilla

I am in complete agreement with Gary - it would be a huge mistake to self-prescribe treatment which has no proven track record of either preventing the development of breast cancer or protecting against its reoccurence. I do think you must be guided by your oncologist - he is after all the expert - and not by unsubstantiated claims you might read on the internet. I was told by a good friend who is into all things organic that if you ate tomatoes everyday, you would never develop breast cancer - I have been eating tomatoes all my life (love them!) - this most emphatically did not prevent me developing breast cancer. What I am trying to say is that there are a lot of myths doing the rounds about what can and what can't help in preventing/treating cancer - be very wary!

From what I understand, the jury is out on whether progestins (synthetic progesterone - contained in HRT) actually increase your risk of cancer and although no conclusive research has been done it appears that natural progestrone neither increases nor decreases the risk. However, most women use progesterone creams as a suitable natural alternative to synthetic HRT not, as far as I am aware, as a treatment for breast cancer.

Anyway, please be very careful about either mixing progesterone cream with Tamoxifen or not taking Tamoxifen at all - and remember that oncologists have a wealth of experience and they do know what they are talking about!

Best wishes

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I think that the best thing would be for you to discuss this with your Oncologist and/or GP - as without knowing your personal circumstances it's not possible to advise you; except to say that it does NOT make any sense whatsoever to take something INSTEAD of that recommended by your doctor.

You might, of course, choose to take something AS WELL but, even then, please discuss it with your doctor first to ensure that it won't interfere with the prescribed treatment.

There are many stories "out there" about products that claim to have wonderful success rates but usually they have no evidence to back up their claims. Yes there are quotes on the web and in magazines from "Mrs X from somewhere-or-other" and her like, but these are anecdotes (and there might be some provided to you in response to this thread).

But we don't know:

1) What the original diagnosis was (e.g. type of cancer, number of tumours, size of tumours, etc), how the diagnosis was made, what the original prognosis was.

2) What improved the situation (e.g. would it have got better anyway? did the "treatment" actually cause the improvement or was it something else? did the "treatment" slow down the rate of improvement?)

3) Are the claims made up?

So, unless there are results of scientific, statistically-sound, peer-reviewed trials to support the claims, then I'd be very wary of some clever marketing by someone trying to make a quick buck; or by someone who naively thinks that coincidence is proof.

Here's the Cancer Research UK position on the subject:

Apart from this, I know nothing about "progesterone cream" but your oncologist will. Ask him/her to see whether there is evidence (i.e. not just anecdotes) to support or refute the claims.

Of course, if anyone would care to provide a link to such evidence then I'm sure we'd all like to see it. Otherwise, please don't part with your money and clutch at straws. IF there is such evidence then I promise to apologise for my scepticism.

I hope that this is helpful, and I wish you well.


"One step at a time"
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hi gary and mary,
thank you for your advice i saw my onologist today and brought the subject up, admitting that ok the past is the past,but he did agree that i proberbly wouldn't have got b/c if my hormones (oestrogen) had been balanced out with (maybe ) natural progesterone.but he wouldnt commit to saying it would be of any help i have asked for a hormone test to find out if i am still oestrogen dominant and then i will delve into the possibility of the cream along with and hormone treatment they give the end of the day,i just want to do everything in my power to prevent this horrible thing returning. rebilla
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Hello Rebilla,

Can i ask how you have gone on with this treatment?

Thank you

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