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carboplatin and hearing

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Last autumn I was diagnosed with breast cancer and scans also showed a nodule in my lung which turned out to be a tiny SCLC.

I meanwhile had a mastectomy as well as a lobectomy, and both cancers were removed. Lymph nodes clear and margins clean.

I'm now supposed to undergo chemotherapy, followed by possible radiation and by hormone therapy re breast cancer.

I do hesitate to go through all this treatment in principle, feeling my body has recovered well from surgeries, and do I necessarily have to poison it with the drugs proposed?

But one and a half of those drugs worry me, and probably some of you have experiences:

First I need to explain I'm deaf in one ear, and only hear with a hearing aid in the other. Now, Carboplatin especially, (but also Herceptin) can damage hearing. I'm afraid that these drugs could damage the bit of hearing I have left.

Any thoughts, experiences, advice?

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Hi Dreierlei,

Yes, the platinum based drugs can cause tinnitus, which normally goes away, and in some cases can reduce hearing sensitivity of higher frequencies. I think that both are rare as permanent side-effects, but I definitely had tinnitus from Cisplatin (a drug from the same stable as Carboplatin), a ringing in response to loud noises. Thankfully it went away.

Before starting my chemo I had a hearing test (and kidney and lung) to provide a quantitative baseline. If at any point in my treatment, I felt I was having issues with lung function or hearing, then they could re-test me and stop/modify the treatment. I know of others who had BEP chemo, and had some early indications of lung problems, and so they simply re-tested to check and stopped the 'B' part of that cocktail but continued with the 'EP'.

I would discuss a baseline test with your oncologist, and also some method of monitoring your hearing during treatment - and at the first sign of change they can review the treatment.


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Thank you , Greg.

I will take on your tip re baseline test. I also thought I should get an audiologist's opinion.

What worries me, however, is I read hearing can deteriorate after treatment.

Plusthe possible reduction of hearing high sounds. These are the ones I still hear best.

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Hi Dreierlei. I had Cisplatin 3 years ago and have suffered with tinnitus and reduced high frequency hearing since. I was told at the time it would only be temporary, but no such luck. I was recently referred to ENT, but told there was nothing they could do for me. I agree with Greg, that you need to have your hearing monitored and make sure the medics are made aware of any changes. Best wishes.

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Thank you Rily, for telling me.

Do I believe in monitoring?

I'm still very inclined to refuse chemotherapy altogether.